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Layne MacGillivray


Layne MacGillivray

Birth Date: May 22, 1975
Year Started Outriding: 1989
Year Started Driving: 2000
Halkirk, Alberta
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications:2
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World Professional Standings

2013 - 20th
2012 - 27th
2011 - 12th
2010 - 26th
2009 - 29th
2008 - 19th
2007 - 21st
2006 - 11th
2005 - 23rd
2004 - 19th

2002 - CPCA Member
2001 - CPCA Member
2000 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season


Major Awards And Victories

  • 2000: Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Outrider, Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion Outrider
  • 2004: Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Outrider
  • 2009: WPCA Chuckwagon Person of the Year
  • 2011: Colonial Days Fair


Personal Information
A 3rd generation chuckwagon driver, Layne won the 2011 Colonial Days Fair in Lloydminster and received the prestigious WPCA Chuckwagon Person of the Year Award in 2009. In 2010 he qualified for his first career WPCA winner–take–all championship final heat at Edmonton’s Chuckwagon Derby, and he drove Grant Profit’s outfit to a first place run on the final night of qualifying to get the Profit outfit into Edmonton’s winner–take–all final as well. 2013 saw Layne post 8 top ten runs, with 6 of those runs placing inside the top five. Top ten overall finishes at the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede and the Ponoka Stampede were his best of the year. He outrode for 2 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Championship outfits and one Calgary Stampede Aggregate winner in 2000. Layne started his career with the CPCA and won two CPCA show championships at the Saskatoon Exhibition Derby and the Wainwright Stampede, and twice qualified for the winner–take–all championship final heat for the CPCA Championship. He was the CPCA's Most Improved Driver in 2001, the CPCA's High Point Rookie Driver in 2000, and twice was named the CPCA's Most Sportsmanlike Driver. A 3rd generation chuckwagon driver, Layne is the son of former driver Dennis MacGillivray and is the great-nephew of former driver and legendary chuckwagon promoter Cliff Claggett. A native of Melfort, Saskatchewan, Layne and his wife Loreena - the 2008 Ty Tournier Memorial Award recipient - have 2 children - Taygan and Trey - and now make their home in Halkirk, Alberta. 



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